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- author Jackie French

Saturday 30 November 2019

Review: Top Koala

The koala from Koala Bare is back in all his funny glory.

In Top Koala, Koala is determined be the best in everything.

He wants to be at the top of the trees ... and everything else!

Koala will climb just about anything to reach the top and be tall.

He even climbs statues, people, and the flag pole at Parliament House.

He may not have the skills of other creatures (being scary like a crocodile, or digging like a wombat), but Koala can do plenty by climbing.

And besides, he'd much rather be the top koala, than cute and cuddly like quokkas.

As you read Top Koala, you'll see Koala encountering or comparing himself with other animals found in Australia. In addition to wombats, crocodiles and quokkas, look out for cockatoos, whales, dolphins, kangaroos, cane toads, and others.

As you follow Koala showing off, the story is told by Jackie French with rhyming text. And the pictures by Matt Shanks are cute (no matter what Koala thinks!) and filled with humour.

The attitude and expressions on the animals will make you laugh, and perhaps remind you of humans you know.

Top Koala feels distinctly Australian and will put a smile on your face.

Title: Top Koala
Author: Jackie French
Illustrator: Matt Shanks
Publisher: HarperCollins, $24.99
Publication Date: November 2019
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781460754818
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture book