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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Review: But First, We Nap

Picture a sleepy sloth lounging on a tree branch, ready for nap time. Now add an energetic and insistent little bunny ready for play!

And like any assertive toddler, rabbit doesn’t take no for an answer. Rabbit’s efforts see it set its own fur on end with its noisy effort.

Like any toddler, Rabbit goes from a full tank to empty within a heartbeat. You can guess who is ready for a nap in the end!

The narrative is mostly told using onomatopoeia with toots, pops, crashes, grunts, snores and sighs, which makes it a delight to read aloud with little ones.

The illustrations are gorgeous on a dark blue background accented with little splashes of colour and complementary orange. The simple animal forms still allow for plenty of expression.

Little ones can’t be too young to have their first taste of a book, and none better to cut their teeth with than this humorous little board book.

Title: But First, We Nap
Author: David Miles
Illustrator: Darya Dremova
Publisher: Familius, $14.99 
Publication Date: 1 August 2018 
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781641700177
For ages: 2+ 
Type: Board Book