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Tuesday 17 December 2019

Review: The Day Rudolph's Nose Turned Blue

Santa is in a kerfuffle! It is Christmas Eve and the call has gone out for the reindeers to gather around the sleigh. 

But there is no response from any of his helpers. Santa finds them all in the barn in dressing gowns and scarves, surrounded by tissue boxes; even one with a walking stick. 

Everyone is leaning against the wall. One is sneezing. The other feels old. A sore foot is keeping the third down. An allergy to soot, a fear of bright lights, a fear of heights, a case of cramps and one of cold and damp are their excuses.
 To top it all off, Rudolph’s nose has turned blue! What’s going on? What is Santa to do?

There’s not much choice left to him but to put a call out for volunteers to audition for the roles. Can Santa find enough animals able to pull the sleigh and cover the Christmas ride across the globe in time? If so, who will be the new sleigh drivers?

This light-hearted story with its strong messages of problem-solving and alternate thinking will bring a smile to children’s faces. The funny rhyming verse is accompanied by delightful animal characters full of expression. These are truly entertaining. I loved the way they said so much with just a turn of the head, a mouth opening; the lift of an eyebrow. Illustrations by Shane McG fill the pages with bold colour, and equally bold lines and shapes, enthusiasm, activity and Christmas Spirit. This includes the reindeers that couldn’t.

Brilliant layout and design will engage children. They will love this book. Ideal for reading aloud accompanied by couch and bed cuddles. The text’s rhythm and rhyme gallops along to the movement of the animals and sleigh. Highly entertaining, The Day Rudolph’s Nose Turned Blue is a terrific Christmas book choice.

Title: The Day Rudolph’s Nose Turned Blue
Author: Alison & Alan Reynolds
Illustrator: Shane McG
Publisher: Lake Press, $16.99
Publication Date: August 2019
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780655206101
For ages: 2 – 5
Type: Christmas Picture Book