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Friday 20 December 2019

Review: The Flag Book

Flags serve many purposes, from representing a country or region, to signifying decisions in sporting events, to sending aviation, medical and military information. The Flag Book (The amazing stories behind the world's flags) provides an overview of all these aspects, including chapters on every continent in the world, pirate flags, sporting flags, semaphores and record breaking flags.

 Flags often act as a symbolic representation of a country or region, however, this book goes into so much more detail, including the study of flags (vexillogy), the design of flags, the history of when and why specific flags were adopted, and the various ways in which flags are used.

From the very outset, it is clear that this book is more than an annotated list. Each page contains interesting facts about the nature and use of a particular flag or flags, as well as brief explanations of significance of elements of the flags. For example, how the colours of various flags represent a vast range of population groups, values (such as courage, truth, growth, care of the land) and historical events (such as union of religious differences or the fight for independence).

The Flag Book will be a useful addition to classrooms, libraries and homes.

Title: The Flag Book
Author: Moira Butterfield
Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids, $29.99
Publication Date: 1 October 2019
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781788683098
For ages: 9 - 12
Type: Non-fiction