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Monday 23 December 2019

Review: Mermaid Holidays: The Magic Pearl

The mermaid besties are back in a new adventure. 

Mermaids Willow Wave, Sophia Seashell, Chloe Coral and Olivia Ocean are meeting up in the Cape Kelp Forest for a mermazing slumber party. 

The snack bowls are overflowing; kelp crackers, sea-cucumber sandwiches and sea foam floats.

As the party commences the mermaids start to make seashell necklaces when they notice a shiny and shimmery object – a real pearl. 

Enchanted by the pearl, Frida the octopus tells them about a legendary magic pearl.

King Timon the terrible turtle king who loved his gold and power, was the wealthiest kingdom of the ocean. Legend has it, the magic pearl gave the beholder three wishes. King Timon was obsessed by finding the pearl and sent his three sons Trenton, Theodore and Tobias to find the pearl.

On their quest, the brothers come across a Mangy Merhag who needs a ride. Tobias the kind brother agrees and the merhag turns into a beautiful mermaid with a pearl.
Tobias wished to be rid of his cruel family and as a result founded Turtleville where the mermaids now live.

Willow wonders if she has found the magic pearl and makes a wish for an amazing breakfast. The next morning the mermaids and theirs friends wake to the smell of a sumptuous breakfast that includes seaweed waffles, sponge pancakes and much more. Her friends warn Willow that wishes can bite you in the tail fin.

Willow next wishes for the school holidays to never end and that every day in Turtleville be a holiday. The result is instantaneous and Turtleville transforms into a party town for everyone. With every wish the pearl gets bigger and brighter. The mermaids enjoy the result of the latest wish by riding on the rollercoaster, the carousel and the pirate ship – the fun just never ends.

That is until Meryl the Merhag sweeps them up in a swirling whirlpool. Whisking Willow off to show her the future of Turtleville and the final result of her latest wish. Meryl delivers an ominous warning that Turtleville has changed and not for the better.

What will Willow do? Can she save the future of Turtleville from her latest wish? What will happen to the Magic Pearl? Author Delphine Davis has created a fun but thought-provoking story that will enchant readers and capture their imaginations.

Title: Mermaid Holidays: The Magic Pearl
Author: Delphine Davis
Illustrator: Adele K Thomas
Publisher: Penguin Random House, $9.99
Publication Date: 2 July 2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780143796497
For ages: 4 - 8
Type: Junior Fiction Younger