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- author Jackie French

Saturday 4 January 2020

Abstract Articulations: Anastasia Gonis and The Coat

Revered KBR reviewer, Anastasia Gonis takes us on a brief journey that many of you will be familiar with. That curious moment when rather than stumbling upon our next read or searching for it, it finds us. 

Here are her musings about this magical moment, the first of our random abstract articulations; moments in time that crystallise and mystify a love of literature.

When a Mistake is not a Mistake!

How many people have told themselves and others that their lives have been changed by a book that has come to them, fallen off a shelf at their feet, found them in a time of need? I’ve heard this comment many times from various people.

It has happened to me repeatedly. Last week it happened again. I was looking through a publisher’s list at what I thought were new releases. I didn’t look at the publication date just sent off a request for the book, The Coat by Julie Hunt, illustrated by Ron Brooks.

Here I must tell you that Ron Brooks is one of my favourite illustrators, that’s why I chose the title. I felt this intense connection to his work when I first read The Fox written by Margret Wild.

For those who haven’t read it, it’s about the lies we are convinced are truth told us at a time of weakness or need, and the betrayal of friendship. I believe that is my most loved picture book or close to it. It was an epiphany for me as it forced me to examine happenings and words that were untrue and which I desperately wanted to believe.

There is no need for a dissection of The Coat or why I believe it came to me. Simply that it did. You can read the review of it if you choose. Next time a book calls to you, speaks in a language of words with a voice only you can hear, listen to it.