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- author Jackie French

Sunday 26 January 2020

Review: Lottie Luna And The Bloom Garden

Everyone is nervous on their first day at a new school and Lottie Luna is no exception. She just wants to be known as plain, ordinary Lottie Luna, no one special, even if it means hiding her true self.

On arrival at her new school, Shadow Academy for Werewolves, Lottie along with her pet bat Jaws are befriended by Wilf and Marjory. 

Together things might just be okay, that is if Lottie can avoid Agatha Astra Claws and her sidekick Bruno Gnawbone.

Lottie’s class are tasked with the project to design the wasteland behind the school into a beautiful garden. 

The winning design will then be planted for all to enjoy, the catch is that the land is not yet owned by the school.

The design will be presented to the owner who will decide between selling the land or gifting it to the school – it all hinges on the garden design. If the land is sold to the construction company, they will build a road directly through the school.

Lottie is trying to fit in as best she can, but when a werewolf cub falls into the water and cannot swim – Lottie races to rescue him. Lottie soon becomes a heroine and unwittingly brings attention to her superpowers. The Head of the School, Madam 
Grubeloff recognises Lottie’s superpowers and the two become kindred spirits.

It is shortly after the rescue that Lottie discovers she has won the garden design with her moonlight garden design – she is even allowed to call it the Bloom Garden.

Not everybody is happy when Lottie wins the competition. Together, Lottie, Wilf and Marjory help to lay pebbles to mark out the design. But Lottie has enemies and night after night mischief is wreaked upon the garden.

With a deadline looming as to a decision by the owner about the land, will Lottie be able to save the garden and the school? What will her friends think if she must use her superpowers to make it work? Can she discover who is after the land?

Author Vivien French does not disappoint with this book. She has created a wonderful story about friendship, being true to one’s self and forgiveness. The black and white illustrations by Nathan Reed lend a comedic air to the story and will capture the reader’s attention.

Title: Lottie Luna And The Bloom Garden
Author: Vivian French
Illustrator: Nathan Reed
Publisher: HarperCollins, $12.99
Publication Date: 8 October 2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780008342982
For ages: 4 - 8
Type: Junior Fiction Younger