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Wednesday 15 January 2020

Review: Waiting for Wolf

Waiting for Wolf is a visually stunning, heart touching story of friendship, loss and acceptance.

Two friends, Fox and Wolf spend a glorious day together filled with play, swimming, talking and laughter. That night in an open but metaphoric conversation, Wolf tells Fox he’ll be gone soon and asks her to remember this day forever, Fox agrees, but doesn’t fully understand Wolf’s words; until the next night after a day of searching for her missing friend.

Through emotion, words and pictures that flow and entwine together beautifully merging metaphor and reality, Fox’s painful grief is felt. As the deep, dark and starry night sky ends, Fox recalls Wolf’s wise words, she stands tall again; a sense of revolution, a bright day and beautiful ending prevails.

This story touched my heart and took me to times I’d felt grief. The illustrations of wildlife and natural environment are striking, with gorgeous colours and textures.

A beautiful story for all, to be interpreted as deeply as the reader chooses, with a comforting perspective on death and grief, which could help children and even adults who are dealing with it.

Sandra Dieckmann’s other books include Leaf and The Dog that ate the World.

Title: Waiting for Wolf
Author/Illustrator: Sandra Dieckmann
Publisher: Hachette, $15.99
Publication Date: 14 January 2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781444946598
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book