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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 8 January 2020

Review: Wayward Son

This is a sequel to Rowell’s Carry On. Although I had not read it, I was able to enjoy Wayward Son as a stand-alone novel. This is a fast paced book for older YA readers, bursting with magic, vampires, mystery and a road trip across the US in a convertible Mustang (of course!). 

The voice and dialogue sparkles. And the book takes a well-aimed swipe at new-age fads and turns a spotlight on Silicon Valley millionaires and why they never seem to age.

It commences with three Uni students slouching around their flat in London. Simon is on a low following his defeat of an evil mage. 

Penelope is worried about her friend, Agatha, based in the US, who has not been returning her calls. They set off impulsively on a trip to the US with their vampire friend, Baz in order to find Agatha. 

All three characters have magical powers, but geography is not their strong point. They arrive about as far away from Southern California as possible and this means an overland road trip before they can even find Agatha. On the way they come across a variety of other magical beings, many of whom are territorial and have powers that the trio have never encountered before.

They learn that Agatha has been kidnapped. As a mage, she should be able to stand her ground – but she’s in trouble. Now it’s up to them to find out who has her and what they want from her.

Overall, this is a fun read and a welcome change for those who enjoy YA fantasy but are totally over dystopia.

Title: Wayward Son
Author: Rainbow Rowell 
Publisher: PanMacmillan $17.99 
Publication Date: 24 September 2019 
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781509896899
For ages: 12+ 
Type: Young Adult Fiction