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Friday 28 February 2020

Review: Judy Moody Super Book Whiz

Judy and her brother Stink are back for this latest instalment in the series. 

Judy, Stink and a bunch of friends are out to win the Book Quiz Blowout. The gang need to read as many books as possible in order to defeat the other team in a quiz about facts and details lurking in their reading material. 

So Judy, Stink and gang rev up their reading brains and devour as many as possible, reading under the covers, during class, in karate and even over dinner, in order to get over the line.

Judy loves Pippi Longstocking, and she takes a few tips from her heroine, including hanging upside down when reading to charge her brain. 

All the kids have their faves, too and power through as many books as they can. But despite their obsessive dedication, the kids can’t take victory for granted. Not when there’s a new kid on the opposite team. A kids who reads fifth grade books.

This story is an unabashed celebration of the wonderful world of Junior Fiction – the current bestsellers as well as the beautiful classics. All the favourite authors get a mention, including our own Andy Griffiths and his ever-expanding treehouse.  

This book comes with a reading list at the back to inspire reading.

Title: Judy Moody Super Book Whiz
Author: Megan McDonald 
Illustrator: Peter H Reynolds
Publisher: Walker Books, $9.99
Publication Date: 1 October 2019 
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781406391602
For ages: 8 – 12 
Type: Junior Fiction