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- author Jackie French

Friday 20 March 2020

Junior Review: Wings of Fire: Legends Dragonslayer

Wren is a 7-year-old girl with the temper of a dragon. The people of her village, Talisman, do not like her one bit. She bites, yells and scratches anyone who goes against her. 

But one day the Dragonmancers (who are unfortunately in charge of her village) believe that a dragon has sent them a vision that he wants to eat this particular fiery girl. 

So they lay her on the sacrificial rock and let her lie in wait for the dragon predator. 

She breaks free and finds herself wandering around all of Phyrria after this particular incident. But when she finds a little, odd dragon that she calls Sky, her world is flipped like a pancake and she is constantly avoiding human society.

Leaf is an 8-year-old boy who was absolutely devastated when he was told that his favorite sister was eaten by dragons. As he mourned, a dream was shaped in his head that he would be a Dragonslayer to wreak vengeance for what happened to Wren. So soon he and his other sister Rowan start to train day and night for four years straight until he is the strongest boy in Talisman. When the chance comes to kill his first dragon he finds it is physically impossible. So with his dreamed crushed he has to run around the country looking for a man called Heath the Dragonslayer.

Ivy is a small, smart 7-year-old girl who is the daughter of a hero called the Dragonslayer. Ivy has always admired dragons - the way they live and seem as smart as humans. When she figures out that the world she has been led to believe is a lie, she starts to rely on herself and her friends Daffodil and Violet to uncover all the secrets her dad seems to be hiding stealthily. So they try to discover where he hides his treasure and how he does it so skillfully. When they discover someone is trying to hire the Dragonslayer to protect their village, they have to find out a way to let the truth about Ivy’s dad escape.

I definitely recommend this book for ages 7 and over because it doesn’t have much violence and blood. I absolutely adore this book because (1) it has dragons in the story, and (2) it also links up with the Wings of Fire series that I have loved for four years. 

This book is just more evidence that Tui. T. Sutherland is an extraordinary author. I also think this demonstrates how humans underestimate many creatures and animals and their extraordinary abilities.

Title: Wings of Fire: Legends Dragonslayer
Author: Tui T Sutherland
Illustrator: Unspecified
Publisher: Scholastic US, $35.99
Publication Date: 3 March 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781338214604
For ages: 9 – 12
Type: Junior Fiction