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Tuesday 3 March 2020

Review: The Lost Moustache

One day, Frankie finds a moustache.

She doesn’t know who it belongs to, so she begins an investigation to discover its owner.

But everyone she asks says it isn’t theirs. 

It doesn’t belong to the pirate, the queen or the chef. It doesn’t belong to the lion, the dancer or the cat.

What will Frankie do? Will she ever find the owner of the lost moustache?

This is a delightful picture book about curiosity, imagination and the joys of dressing up. With beautiful alliteration and rhyming elements throughout, it’s wonderfully engaging.

As you turn the pages, the story invites you to wonder if the moustache could belong to the characters, creating a reading experience that gets the audience involved in the story. This would be a great book for reading out loud to a group or classrooms of kids.

I also love the mystery throughout the story. The owner of the moustache is indeed found at the end of the book, but the reveal is not what you think, and it may take a keen eye from the audience to solve the mystery.

The illustrations, too, are stunning. Caterina Metti’s style is so funky, with deep colours and quirky details. It’s a visual delight!

This is a picture book for the kids who love a mystery and love to play pretend. It will no doubt inspire some dressing up and playing investigators with friends.

The back of the book also includes some black and white illustrations from the story — I can only assume for kids to colour. Sorry Vikki and Caterina if that wasn’t the intension, but my kids delighted in a special opportunity to be part of the story and colour in a page! I found this addition such a beautiful surprise and very engaging for kids.

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Title: The Lost Moustache
Author: Vikki Conley
Illustrator: Caterina Metti
Publisher: Red Paper Kite, $26.99
Publication Date: March 2020
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 978 0 648 674207
For ages: 3- 6 
Type: Picture Book