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Friday 27 March 2020

Review: Lovable Lottie and the Shy Sheep

Lovable Lottie is now one year old. It is time for her to be given the responsible task of protecting the chickens from foxes. There is one impediment - the long grass. Daphne, Dolly and Dolores are brought in to resolve the problem. Lottie loves meeting new friends. Although she tries her best to make the sheep welcome, they keep their distance.

As in the previous book by Asia Upward, Lovable Lottie and the Lost Toy, this one also documents Lottie’s day-to-day activities for a week.

On Monday Lottie prepares the house for visitors. They don’t turn up.

On Tuesday there is baked pie to share but no one to share it with. On Wednesday, the bees pollinate the blossoms to produce honey. Lottie experiences it alone. Thursday, a bubble bath is prepared for the sheep to relax in after a long day munching grass. But the bubbles evaporate in the tub. Friday finds the artistic alpacas painting portraits of the orchard. But no sheep arrive to admire the beautiful art.

Saturday sees the chickens waiting in vain to meet the sheep. Sunday a picnic is set up under the trees. Who stays away from a blanket covered in food? Guess!

A new week begins. Will things be the same for Lottie and the other animals in the orchard? Will the shy sheep stay away from friendship forever?

Stunning photography fills the pages with the divine images of the real and famous 100-year-old Logan Brae Orchard on which Asia Upward and her family live with Lovable Lottie. Her puppy antics inspired this series. Animals such as alpacas, chickens, and a fox join the sheep to take part in Lottie’s story. Lots of toys are scattered about. Trees are covered in gorgeous blossoms while country craft fills every corner of every page to create a smorgasbord of peaceful images.

Seek and find interaction encourages little ones to find the shy sheep in every spread. At the end of the book there is a series of duplicate images from the book with the hidden shy sheep circled for children to check out.

While continuing their support of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, 20% of the profits from this book, will also be donated to Rural Aid.

Title: Lovable Lottie and the Shy Sheep
Author/Illustrator: Asia Upward
Publisher: New Holland Publishers, $19.99
Publication Date: October 2019
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760791308
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book