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- author Jackie French

Friday 17 April 2020

Review: A Home for Luna

Little Luna gets washed ashore on an island. She remembers her safe home from long ago, but she knows it is far from where she is.

Strange animals live on the island. They are different from Luna and she doesn’t know how to act around them.

But, slowly, the creatures make contact with Luna. They show her kindness. They teach her things, and Luna teaches them, too. They connect.

Has Luna finally found a home — a new place to belong?

A Home for Luna is a beautiful picture book about friendship, family and finding your place in the world. But beneath the story of a cat washed ashore on an island of penguins, tendrils of truth connect this story to that of refugees seeking shelter and what it must feel like to try and start a new life in a new country when you feel so different from the people who live there.

Throughout the story there are beautiful moments of hope and fun as Luna learns how to live on the island with her new friends. She finds ways to help them as they help her, and as their friendship grows, Luna and the penguins form a strong bond, protecting each other and caring for one another.

Debut author Stef Gemmill has created something really special here. It’s such a beautiful story, filled with love and hope. It shows kids that our differences only keep us apart if we let them, and new and unexpected friendships can be formed if we open our minds to possibilities and our hearts to all people — no matter where they come from.

Mel Armstrong’s illustrations, too, are just divine. They are funky and inviting, with an earthy and soothing colour palate.

A story to pull on heartstrings and spread a message of hope, A Home for Luna is a stunning addition to schools, homes and libraries everywhere.

Title: A Home for Luna
Author: Stef Gemmill
Illustrator: Mel Armstrong
Publisher: New Frontier, $24.99 
Publication Date: 1 August 2019
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9781925594843
For ages: 3 - 6
Type: Picture Book