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Thursday 23 April 2020

Review: Rise of the Mythix: Golden Unicorn

William is The Soul Collector, a physically weak man filled with greed who boosts his energy with his daily rituals. He is obsessed with collecting and owning unusual and unique artefacts. Part of this collection is The Holy Grail and Lucifer’s Ring, artefacts of Heaven and Hell…together united in defiance against their creators.

Everybody and everything is monitored for any change or the emergence of a specific gift that can be added to his collection.

Kelly Swift is extraordinary. All she wants to do is run, but she has learned to be unremarkable to survive. When her mother Hannah has her bag snatched, Kelly realises just how powerful she is when she gives chase to the culprit. A transformation begins.
A horn begins to grow from the middle of her forehead.
She can hear the thoughts of others; run at incredible speed.

Stanley is the Collector’s finder. He hates his master and wants to change his situation. He discovers an ancient text on Prophesies and Portents that speak of three instruments of power – The Golden Unicorn, the Minotaur and the Griffin, that will return in human form, unite, and restore balance and harmony to the Kingdom.

The Soul Collector is no fool. After Kelly and Stanley escape his attempts to capture them, he is not fazed by this defeat. He holds Hannah as the trump card.

Can Kelly use her new-found powers to save her mother?

This thrilling, fast-paced adventure series for older children comes hot on the heels of the Wolf Girl books. With the creation of another powerful, courageous and multi-skilled heroine, the talented Anh Do knows how to keep his fans turning the pages.

Rise of the Mythix: Golden Unicorn is fully illustrated by Chris Wahl, Australian illustrator and comic artist. His fantastic artwork is visually aligned with Anh Do’s minimalistic yet strong text which drives the imaginative storyline and forces the reader onward.

Title: Rise of the Mythix: Book 1 - Golden Unicorn
Author: Anh Do
Illustrator: Chris Wahl
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $14.99
Publication Date: October 2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760525132
For ages: 10 – 14
Type: Middle Grade Fiction