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Friday 10 April 2020

Review: Scribbly Gum Secrets

What is a Scribbly Gum? How do the scribbles get there? This stylishly illustrated picture book in rhyme surprised me with the answer.

Four kids are sprawled on the floor watching television. They want to stay that way. But it’s family time and mum has chosen a bush walk. Hats are on. Backpack is packed. 

Alas, feet are dragging! They set out after Mum who strides ahead.

Charlie wants to know who has drawn on the trees. They’ll be in big trouble if Mummy sees that! He gets no answer.

Max encounters a trail of itchy grubs on a fallen stump that leave a gooey trail. Charlie asks about the art work on the trunks again. Silence reigns.

Flying Foxes hang upside down after working through the night spreading seeds.

As the group treks on, the children discover Nature’s gifts. White myrtle flowers, a Birdwing, a bush stone curlew and endless other things in the undergrowth. But Charlie still wants an answer. Will he get one?

This is a delightful adventure that stimulates awareness about the beauty to be found in Australia’s natural surroundings. It encourages children to explore the outdoors and become environmentally friendly while learning about the role and contribution of each living thing in the world around them.

Award-winning writer Dannika Patterson teaches sustainability and awareness of the environment to young children. This is her second collaboration with author-illustrator Megan Forward. The highly successful Jacaranda Magic was Patterson’s debut picture book. She has two graphic novels due for release this year.

Megan Forward is also the author of A Patch from Scratch, illustrator of All I Want for Christmas is Rain, by Cori Brooke and Emily Green’s Garden by Penny Harrison.

Title: Scribbly Gum Secrets
Author: Dannika Patterson
Illustrator: Megan Forward
Publisher: FORD ST, $16.95
Publication Date: April 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925804485
For ages: 6+
Type: Picture Book