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- author Jackie French

Monday 13 April 2020

Review: Who's Your Real Mum?

Elvi and Nicholas are friends. Nicholas wants to know which of Elvi’s two mums is her real mum. She tries to explain all the wonderful things that she shares with both mums and starts to list them so Nicholas can understand.

Her clues turn out to be unhelpful as they apply to both mums. As the list gets longer, each mum’s qualities and abilities increase. They are on an even par. When Nicholas voices certain frustration at his question not being answered the way he expects, Elvi has an even more embellished reply.

Until Nicholas asks, don’t both your mums do that?

Exactly! is the reply.

This delicate and beautifully presented story carries the theme of love; the emotion that children understand best. The collaboration between two debut creators, Bernadette Green and Anna Zobel, has proven a successful one.

Zobel’s illustrations project happiness and contentment; curiosity and friendship. Her arrangement of images is creative and eye-catching.

The doors are thrown open. Detailed scenes of daily activity are realistic and allow the reader to see a bigger picture by entering Elvi’s family’s life. Common objects are scattered everywhere for kids to discover. The images of the exaggerated descriptions that Elvi gives to Nicholas are brilliant.  Colour choice is perfect. I loved the use of blue for these instances.

Illustrations are made using Copic marker and layered digitally.

Title: Who’s Your Real Mum?
Author: Bernadette Green
Illustrator: Anna Zobel
Publisher: Scribble Publishing, $24.99
Publication Date: 31 March 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781925849493
For ages: 5+
Type: Picture Book