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- author Jackie French

Monday 20 April 2020

Review: Women Artists A to Z

Today art has no specific guidelines. Looking at the grid paintings by Agnes Martin, to the screen prints, sculptures and linocuts in ink of Elizabeth Catlett, everything expressed in colour and through the mind is considered art.

Leonora Carrington used kitchen supplies mixed with pigment to create what was seen as magnificent art.

In Women Artists A to Z, French-born, Australian artist Mirka Mora heads the alphabetical parade of magnificent women that brought their creative genius to the world. 

Her artistic talent encompasses paintings of coloured visions of nature, animals, cherubs, people, and our external and internal world.

This diverse assembly of women artists from all countries and of all races introduce their varied and unusual talents. They share their use of all kinds of media, techniques, colours, objects and materials to create stories, artwork, styles and methods.

Who would have thought that red dots of all sizes on walls, trees, clothes and body would keep Yayoi Kasuma in the public eye for more than fifty years?

This is a brilliant selection of artistic expression. Children ( and adults) can learn from the different media and be inspired to express their own imagination and creativity in a similar or perhaps, their own individual style.

From blocks of colour, the use of marble and natural recycled materials used artistically, call attention to our environment. Items of pottery, and quilts woven by the quilting circles of African American women are displayed in museums. Frida Kahlo’s bold, thick colourful lines in her self-portraits were drawn to keep alive her heritage.

Whether it is a veiled garment, a floral expression, photography, yarn-based art weavers or imaginative wood carvings, this book will excite and educate.

At the end, there are four pages of author’s notes on the artists, with a miniature image of them to refer to. It includes a question to answer which engages the reader further and which reinforces who they are reading about.

Title: Women Artists A to Z
Author: Melanie LaBarge
Illustrator: Caroline Corrigan
Publisher: Penguin Random House, $24.99
Publication Date: 18 February 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760896317
For ages: 8+
Type: Educational/Non-fiction Picture Book