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Monday 18 May 2020

Review: The Big World of Fun Facts

Do you know what the longest word in the English language is? It will take more than a minute to write. I couldn’t even say it!

If you like facts, figures and trivia, and are curious about anything and everything, you’ll love The Big World of Fun Facts.  

Lonely Planet excels in informational books for kids and adults that love to learn stuff! 

This is another opportunity to discover unknown things about the world around us.

National symbols, flags, currency, language and everything connected to culture and traditions can be found here, along with snippets of social history and politics.

Historical facts abound. About 7000 languages are spoken on Earth. The Albanians have 27 different words for moustache. Learn how people are named in different countries and why. Read interesting Folklore Facts and learn about unique schools.

Unusual factual stories invite the reader to explore further. Some of them are gruesome and disgusting. Just what kids love to read.

There are music facts, sports and car facts, incredible feats, weird job facts that no one will believe, with dangerous jobs included. Arts and entertainment are also addressed. Each section is separated by individual page colours for easy identification.

Wise words and proverbs from each country that are still used today will surprise. So will the many amazing entries of things I had never heard about.

From rappers to railways; Hollywood to Bollywood, colourful photographs in a montage of colour and shapes fill the pages and complement the excellent text.

I had the best laugh with Real Place Name Facts! They were literally unbelievable!

This will certainly be one of the most entertaining and comprehensive books kids and adults will ever come across. It will be opened repeatedly and at every opportunity.

It has a listing at the end of more books of facts - hard copy and online, for those that love learning, or just reading about fun facts.

Title: The Big World of Fun Facts
Author: W H Poole
Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids, $29.95
Publication Date: November 2019
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781788683326
For ages: 9 - 12
Type: Non Fiction