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- author Jackie French

Thursday 7 May 2020

Review: Go Get 'Em Tiger

Created by sisters Sabrina and Eunice Moyle, Go Get ‘Em Tiger is a great story for kids which encourages them to explore who they are in life.

The rhyming verse delivers an upbeat pace to the story. It follows an exuberant tiger through birthday celebrations and the possible path he may take now that he has reached this milestone.

No matter how big or small the accomplishment is, he will always be supported – an important message to be instilled in any child.

This story will empower children to make discoveries, develop friendships on their merit and champion adversity. Nothing is easy, but together we will have each other and family as we tackle life’s challenges.

There are days when tiger is sad and that is okay to feel that, but then those feelings will disappear. Dare to dream and do everything you can to make that happen. Resilience and self-esteem are key factors and the ability to express ideas and make dreams happen is something to be encouraged.

The vibrant colours of this beautifully illustrated book will also grab children’s attention as they try to identify all the animals that feature in the story. The mix of fonts and size, along with little sayings featured on every page enhance the reading experience.

Each time you read the story a different message emerges, but above all the story is one of entertainment, happiness and love. Something we all need to hear and share.

Title: Go Get ‘Em Tiger
Author: Sabrina Moyle
Illustrator: Eunice Moyle
Publisher: Abrams Books, $24.99
Publication Date: 10 March 2020
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781419739644
For ages: 4+
Type: Picture Books