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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Review: Good Guys, Bad Guys

The sounds of happy children almost leap of the page in this rollicking good fun story by Joanne Rocklin.

The rhyming story centres on two siblings who never know from one day to the next who is going to be bad and who is going to be good. 

Playing with the kids in the neighbourhood every day is a new adventure.

Using their dress up box for inspiration, they let their imaginations run wild and the backyard becomes a world of possibilities. 

From pinching clean towels from the clothesline to become superheroes with capes, to walking the plank as pirates or in their case the diving board over the swimming pool – these children and their friends make their own fun.

Mischief and make believe allows the children to draw on their imagination and create their own adventures. Regardless if they are portraying, pirates, aliens, cowboys or themselves. Everyone gets along, there are no fights and it highlights the simple pleasures of our childhoods.

The story creates its own energy, almost like an extra character, making the reader feel they are one of the kids having fun. Illustrator Nancy Carpenter shows us the complexity of her mixed media pictures, the bad guys appear scruffy and dirty while the good guys are clean – for now anyway. The illustrations show you don’t need fancy props for dress ups or to create a character. There is no right or wrong way to be having fun. Except maybe if you tie up your sister with a skipping rope.

Reading this story aloud makes it even more enjoyable and will be a delight to all children.

Title: Good Guys, Bad Guys
Author: Joanne Rocklin
Illustrator: Nancy Carpenter
Publisher: Abrams Books, $24.99
Publication Date: 5 May 2020
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781419734175
For ages: 4 - 6
Type: Picture Books