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- author Jackie French

Sunday 24 May 2020

Review: Whitney and Britney: Chicken Divas

This picture book bedazzles from the get go. Explosive cover colour choices and a foiled glitter ball, (yes glitter ball!) shimmy in any light promising a fun ride ahead. 

Equally sparkly end pages in musk stick pink cement attention; you just know something wonderful and weird pulses within these pages, but what?

Two gorgeous chooks…with stunning good looks for starters! Whitney and Britney reside in a charming gypsy wagon adjacent to the flamboyantly fuchsia coloured house of Dora von Dooze, a fox with a penchant for pink. 

Unlike regular Gallus gallus Vulpes vulpes (chook fox) relationships, Dora is not all that interested in their eggs; it’s their company she craves. Their mysterious nocturnal disappearances and daily snoozefests worry Dora until one morning she notices a few odd accessories clinging to her pooped neighbours as they doze; a sparkly ring, a pink boa…glitter?

It’s enough to awaken the sly in her and she sets out to snoop on them that evening. She discovers what we already know; Britney and Whitney are glamming up in rhinestones and tiaras every night because they are the lead act at Club Sparkles.

Night after night Whitney and Britney belt out toe-tapping jazz numbers to packed crowds, wowing and dazzling as the Chicken Divas. They swoon and sing taking barnyard bling to the next level when one night a stranger in the crowd wallops with unrestrained delight after their show. But who is this famous performer and how do Whitney and Britney react to her presence in ‘their’ jazz club?

Lucinda Gifford excels at anthropomorphic tales bubbling with rhythmic cheek and mirth. Chicken Divas is a sequined-saturated mash up of Priscilla Queen of the Desert meets Chicken Run portrayed in candy-store colours guaranteed to blind you with bling and amuse the stuffing out of under fives. In fact, it’s the 2020 National Simultaneous Storytime book and will feature in live events Wednesday 27 May around Australia giving kids the chance to do just that. To get involved, visit the NSS website.

It’s time to set your inner chook free, follow your passion and embrace your true desires just as Whitney and Britney so brilliantly do.

Title: Whitney and Britney: Chicken Divas
Author: Lucinda Gifford
Illustrator: Lucinda Gifford
Publisher: Scholastic Australia, $17.99
Publication Date: October 2019
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760666507
For ages: 3 – 5
Type: Picture Book