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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Review: House of Heroes: Henrie's Hero Hunt

The scintillating adventures of Hapless Hero Henrie and the goings on at the House of Melchoir, left us with a stronger, smarter, fearless and funnier Hero Henrie. Her life takes a positive turn after her grandfather Octavia leaves his estate to Henrie, Alex and his dad Timothy, of the Super Sleuth Agency. Timothy had been engaged by Octavia to find Henrie’s parents. He wasn’t successful in his lengthy search.

In Book 2 - Henrie’s Hero Hunt, Henrie is with aunt Ellie when she receives a call on the HoMe Hero Hotline, from an unknown girl. Someone is following Marley (who is in a wheelchair with a broken tibia) and watching her house.

Henrie’s energetic mind gathers in what information she can from her first client. A mystery unfolds with the unwrapping of Marley’s Great Aunt Agatha’s teapot.
An underlined advertisement in the newspaper wrapping sparks their interest. A quick search on the computer brings up all the background information that is needed about Aunt Agatha’s life.

A famous archaeologist and explorer, Aunt Agatha had been part of a dig in the Valley of the Kings. Her work was interrupted by the War, but Agatha returned again to the area when it was over. She left the site on the day a significant discovery was made and lived a reclusive life till her death. Agatha had been accused of stealing the rare artefact and had died under a cloud of suspicion. The group are determined to clear Agatha’s name.

Henrie and Alex follow a trail of clues that begin with a cryptic inscription on Aunt Agatha’s gravestone. This leads to a key hidden in her sewing basket. But the two sleuths uncover startling secrets about Aunt Agatha and the role she had during the War years.

How is Violetta Villarne from Villains Inc; the girl that follows them everywhere, tied to Aunt Agatha’s mystery? Who can they trust when Henrie has been taught to never trust too easily. People are seldom what they seem.

Henrie is betrayed, lied to and kidnapped, in her search to find answers and proof for Marley of Aunt Agatha’s innocence. She depends on the inexhaustible supply of tips from The Hero Handbook to guide her; a book full of pearls of wisdom (for the reader as well as Henrie). Life lessons come wrapped in creative and alternate ways of thinking, seeing and saying things that boost Henrie’s knowledge and well-being.

But the issue of Henrie’s missing parents remains a seeping wound. Will this particular mystery ever be solved? The story ends with a wholly unexpected climax!

A fantastic read for adults and children built with exceptional use of language, excellent poster and other illustrations that accompany a story that grips and entertains.

Title: House of Heroes: Henrie’s Hero Hunt
Author: Petra James
Illustrator: A. Yi
Publisher: Walker Books, $16.99
Publication Date: May 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760650858
For ages: 8+
Type: Junior Fiction