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Saturday 4 July 2020

Junior Review: The Verindon Alliance

The Vendel and Verindal races have been at war for centuries, attacking each other and conspiring against each other.

Vashta is the youngest of the Vendel princesses and hates to get trampled on by her older siblings. She is the most skillful fighter of her family and loves the anticipation of battle.

Brandonin is the prince of Verindal and his sister Larinda is the princess. Brandonin wants peace with both the races and will do anything to have his way.

But when the Vendel royal family is visited by the Verindal heir, Brandonin, they discover that a new alien species, the Arctals, is attacking both their races.

Vashta and Brandonin must unite their races before both the Vendel and Verindal become extinct. 

But after the tragic death of the Chief Prince of Vendel, Vashta’s eldest sister Mestitha is crowned Chief Princess. 

The first thing Mestitha does as Queen is declare war against the Verindal. She is convinced the Verindal are responsible for the alien attacks.

After her proposition she discards Vashta and orders her to house arrest. Vashta has no choice but to return to Verindal secretly and live with Brandonin. Soon forbidden love between the Princess and Prince is brewing and together they are forced to attempt to wipe out the species, one way or another, even if it cost them their lives.

How are they going to defeat a bug-like species that are invincible? Will they need to develop more tech to stop these beasts? One way or another they will stay united against the Arctals and Mestitha, vanquishing both from their power.

I loved this book because It showed that not all princesses are weak and need saving by a prince. And it shows that it does not matter how young you are, you are able to make a difference. I usually do not like love stories, but the way this one was worded made me love this book even more. It gave me a feeling that these were real people within the pages even though they live on another planet.

I also loved how the plan was smoothly formulated in the story’s plot line and how Lynne Stringer described all the characters. Her writing style is suited to more advanced readers and it gives it a strong vibe. I recommend this book to ages ten and up because there are some deaths and violent sequences.

Title: The Verindon Alliance
Author: Lynn Stringer
Illustrator: Carmen Dougherty
Publisher: Rhiza Edge, $19.99 
Publication Date: May 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925563993
For ages: 10+
Type: Middle Grade Fiction