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- author Jackie French

Monday 27 July 2020

Review: Barkley

Barkley is a wonderfully told story of a loveable puppy, self-discovery and finding ones’ place.

By the side of his owner Max, a puppy named Barkley introduces himself. Confidently, he describes himself as big, fluffy, long and more, but when Barkley sees himself next to other dogs, he realises he is none of these things and self-doubt sets in. In a whirl of emotions, Barkley runs until he finds himself lost and alone. 

After a clever move by Max and a determined expedition, Barkley makes some empowering discoveries, learning about himself, his surroundings and the things that matter most. A heartwarming ending prevails. 

I adore Rebecca Crane’s illustrations; they flow in unity with her text and tell much of the story while showing expression, movement and momentum. The colour palette and textures deliver vast contrast and a fitting, lovable vibe which suits Barkley’s character perfectly.

Barkley would be fun to share with groups or individuals. With a memorable story and minimal text on each page, it would also be great for those learning to read, and of course dog lovers will delight in Barkley’s adorable character and the ample variety of dogs he meets.

Title: Barkley
Author/Illustrator: Rebecca Crane
Publisher: Walker Books, $25.99
Publication Date: 8 July 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760651404
For ages: 2 – 5
Type: Picture Book