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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Review: Ten Minutes to Bed Little Dinosaur

Another charming bedtime tale from Rhiannon Fielding and Chris Chatterton, Ten Minutes to Bed Little Dinosaur follows a baby stegosaurus as he counts down to bed.

A jungle jaunt, splashes in mud and a sprint from a lava-flowing volcano — it’s all in an evening’s fun before the ten minutes before bed are up.

These are delighting rhyming stories just perfect for bedtime with little ones. 

With a repeated flow throughout, older youngsters will love joining in on the countdown, and the littlest of littlies will adore the vibrant colours and funky dinosaurs that romp through The Land of Nod.

There is a beautiful map that appears at the start and end of each of these books. Before the story, the map shows daytime, and after, night. Featuring a range of fun and mystical creatures (including those from the books), my children found much joy in exploring these maps and discovering the differences between the characters during day and night. It’s a lovely added engagement opportunity for kids to explore the story in a different way.

A beautiful bedtime story to get kids ready for bed, Ten Minutes to Bed Little Dinosaur is a lovely tale for sleepy (and maybe not so sleepy) kidlets.

And if the kidlets aren’t into dinosaurs, they might like Ten Minutes to Bed Little Unicorn, Ten Minutes to Bed Little Monster or Ten Minutes to Bed Little Mermaid.

Title: Ten Minutes to Bed Little Dinosaur
Author: Rhiannon Fielding
Illustrator: Chris Chatterton
Publisher: Ladybird, $14.99
Publication Date: 21 July 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780241386736
For ages: 1 - 5
Type: Picture Book