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Monday 31 August 2020

Review: Mulan

Mulan’s life is seeped in customs and traditions learnt from her ageing parents. Martial arts, horse-riding and archery are skills she excels at.
Without her knowing, they will be what she depends on sooner than she knows.
When a draft notice for military service comes to her father, due to his frailty, Mulan makes a monumental decision.

She will fulfil his duty by taking his place.

Disguised as a man, and equipping herself with the necessary military supplies – including horse and saddle, she sets off to the frontier with other soldiers. She gets into the habit of sleeping with her clothes on and the mental adaption to her new gender.

After twelve years of distinguished service and bravery, Mulan is eager to return to her family. Declining the Emperor’s awards, she asks for nothing more than a horse to take her there.

Stunning illustrations accompany us through the legendary Mulan’s courageous life and her strong sense of family and duty.

A pleasure to read, it is a bi-lingual edition of English and simplified Chinese that would suit libraries, schools and children with a basic knowledge of this second language.   

Title: Mulan  
Author/Illustrator: Li Jian  
Publisher: New South Books, $14.99  
Publication Date: June 2020  
Format: Paperback  
ISBN: 9781602204638  
For ages: 5+  
Type: Historical Fiction