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- author Jackie French

Monday 28 September 2020

Review: Dare To Be You

In his previous title You Are Awesome, Matthew Syed used personal experiences for young people to use to build confidence and reach their full potential in whatever they attempt.

With Dare to be You, he again draws on his life learnings, sharing what was and how it became what is. All his points have clear examples leaving no doubt about his message.

Being bullied because of his origins, Syed, discovered that diversity bred great successes.

Yahoo! was invented by Jerry Yang with David Filo and Google by Sergey Brin. Indra Nooy was CEO of Pepsi for twelve years,. These are examples of how beneficial it is to be different.

Loaded with brilliant tips on how to defy self-doubt and dissolve the angst connected to fitting in – both dedicated destroyers of self-confidence, he introduces additional tools for our toolbox to use, to follow one’s own path in life.

Countless valuable quotes from famous people who overcame what Syed calls Kid Doubt – that negative voice in your head that fills you with self-doubt, reinforce the message of one size does not fit all. Exercises help bring clarity to the doubts we have about ourselves and why.

He calls attention to the good and bad about copying people we envy or admire. They may seem to be perfect or have the perfect life. Remember, things are not always what they seem.

You must question the word normal! Does that mean what others expect you to be?

Our differences are our greatest strengths. The many ways we differ from one another is brought into focus with Syed’s own stories as proof, in addition to lots of factual information about the body we inhabit.

I loved this book as much as I did his other. Mood-lifting, full of Interesting Fact Alerts and statistics, biographical information on successful people, this amazing book holds far more than I expected!

Title: Dare To Be You
Author: Matthew Syed
Illustrator: Toby Triumph
Publisher: Hachette, $19.99
Publication Date: September 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781526362377
For ages: 9+
Type: Self Help