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Thursday 15 October 2020

Review: The Biscuit Maker

Old Benedict Stanley now lives alone with his cat Audrey Mae. His daily greetings to passers-by on Mavin Road, fall to the pavement as everyone is absorbed in their own world. Joggers run by, families hustle, walkers wear earphones.

Benedict and Audrey Mae potter and plant and watch things grow and people pass. It’s Rory that stops to pat the cat and tell the old man about his tooth that has come out.

He is rewarded that day with a batch of Benedict’s special cookies, baked with a happy heart and his wife’s special recipe. It is the start of a bright idea.

Each time there is something to celebrate – a birthday, a Grand Final, new neighbours, Halloween, cookies are placed at the door. No one knows who the cookie maker is and Rory is not telling.

When old Benedict falls ill, his garden droops and dries. Biscuits stop arriving on doorsteps. Everyone wants to know who the biscuit maker is and what has happened to her.

Audrey Mae goes to Rory, prowling and yowling. He takes her home and discovers why.

At Benedict’s house, the door-bell rings. The old man moves slowly. Such a surprise! His house fills with people. They come bearing food, and laughter, and friendship, and company.

A delightful story that addresses loneliness in the elderly, community and awareness. A reminder that everyone needs someone, especially the aged; that hopefully, everyone is looking out for their neighbours.

Beautifully illustrated by Liz Anelli in mixed media, it portrays the diversity of current neighbourhoods, the shift in relationships, and the need to come together in friendship.

Title: The Biscuit Maker
Author: Sue Lawson
Illustrator: Liz Anelli
Publisher: Walker Books , $ 25.99
Publication Date: 2 September 2020
Format: Hardcover
For ages: 5+
Type: Picture Book