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- author Jackie French

Saturday 3 October 2020

Review: The Book of Mythical Beasts and Magical Creatures

I love a big book of things. And I love magical beasts and other-worldly creatures. 

So The Book of Mythical Beasts and Magical Creatures was always destined to fall into my hands.

This one is truly a beauty. 

It covers myths and legends from across the world, cultural beings, gods and goddesses, and fairy tale beasts. 

With categories like shape shifters, creatures of the deep, almost human and beasts of the world, it really has everything you would expect and many creatures you likely haven’t heard of before.

I’m talking unicorns, mermaids, vampires, ghosts and dragons. But, also, Wendigo, Eshu, Loki, Medusa and Yakumama.

Each spread is dedicated to one creature and includes a large and vibrant illustration plus information and facts. For every creature, there is a map that indicates where the tales of the beast originate. At the back of the book you’ll find a helpful glossary, index and quick A to Z of magical creatures.

This book has it all, which makes it so easy for kids to access, read and explore. Fans of all things mystical and magical are truly going to love The Book of Mythical Beasts and Magical Creatures. I 100% do!

Title: The Book of Mythical Beasts and Magical Creatures 
Author: Stephan Krensky
Illustrator: Pham Quang Phuc
Publisher: DK Books, $34.99  
Publication Date: 29 September 2020
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780241423950
For ages: 5+
Type: Non-Fiction