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- author Jackie French

Saturday 31 October 2020

Review: Claudette

This richly illustrated, original picture book is award-winning  illustrator  Helene Magisson's first venture as author-illustrator. And what a treat it is!   

Every page is sure to delight with its magnificent illustrations employing a rich palette of colours that seem to burst beyond the page.

Loutka is a puppet-maker who infuses his creations with magical energy. 

He takes everyday materials and somehow crafts them into glorious puppets, with unique personalities and dreams.

Except for Claudette.

Her strings became tangled and she does not move in the way she was supposed to.

So Loutka pops her on the shelf, not sure what to do with a misfit.

But that doesn’t stop Claudette from dreaming. 

She loves watching the bustle in the workshop, the artisan weaving his creations, the new puppets coming to life and taking on their various roles such as princesses and sea captains.

Claudette tells Loutka about her ambitions to explore the world, which puzzle him even more. But she is not one to let limitations stop her from having adventures.

With the help of a gust of wind, Claudette breaks past her boundaries and ventures into the world beyond the workshop.

And what she brings back upon her return makes the puppet family even richer.

This is a lovely story about the joy of creativity, of accepting and valuing differences, of honouring the unique contribution that all of us can make.

Magisson’s glorious illustrations are a sheer joy to behold, (see  Miss Eliza Honeydew for example). Each page is deeply textured and invites the reader to slow down and savour the delights. 

Title: Claudette
Author: Hélène Magisson
Illustrator: Hélène Magisson
Publisher:  Red Paper Kite, $26.99 
Publication Date: 1 October 2020 
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780648450238
For ages: 6+
Type: Picture Book for Older Readers