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Friday 2 October 2020

Review: Kookaburra

The name Kookaburra is an adaption of an Aboriginal word and describes the bird’s song. Known also as laughing jackass, they are part of the Kingfisher family.

Thick brush strokes in nature's colours reflect the wildness of the Australian landscape. The rough images portray the singular beauty of trees and sky.

Deep orange and yellows stain the horizon as dawn’s light reveals the wild, rugged mountains in the distance.
Kookaburra sits in a line on a limb with her mate … and leads a sunrise chorus.

That tipping of the head catches sight of breakfast.

 Kookaburra’s mate brings an offering as their new nesting season nears.
Kookaburras mate for life. Only if one of a pair dies, does the other take a new mate.
The pair search for the perfect nesting place in trees, but return to their familiar one after finding fault with all the others.
They must beware the call of strangers, for Kookaburras are territorial and will defend borders.
These are informational books for children who love to learn about Australia’s natural world and all its living creatures. Nature Storybooks open countless opportunities to younger readers, to identify and learn about Australian animals and birds, their lifestyles, habits, choices they make, and how they build families.
Fantastic design and layout prepare the double spread with the narrative on one side, and presented in italics, is the fact page opposite.
The illustrations by Tanya Harricks are created with oil paint. Included at the end under Information About Kookaburras, is more to learn about these wondrous birds, plus a page of About the Author and Illustrator. This is laid out in stunning earth shades, with animals of the forest creating the borders.
Gorgeous end pages full of Kookaburra feathers resting against blue skies open and close this latest addition to the series of Nature Storybooks.

Title: Kookaburra 
Author: Claire Saxby
Illustrator: Tannya Harricks
Publisher: Walker Books, $26.99
Publication Date: September 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760651060
For ages: 5+ 
Type: Non Fiction