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- author Jackie French

Friday 27 November 2020

Cover Reveal: Oswald Messweather by Dimity Powell

Dimity Powell's writing style is often described as powerful and emotive, laced with humour and lilting language to soften the often sensitive subject matter she tackles. 

The meme, ‘Don’t let your ice cream melt as you count the sprinkles’ resonates strongly with Dimity and not just because she loves ice cream! 

She too shares a tendency to obsess over minutiae, often losing sight of the bigger beautiful picture, which might explain where the idea for her latest picture book came from.

Oswald Messweather, due out mid March 2021 with Wombat Books, is not a picture book that focuses intently on the educational perspectives of children with OCD but rather more on the emotional aspects associated with this debilitating condition. Oswald is caught in the grips of needing to be in control of the messier aspects of his life and like many young children suffering from obsessive worrying and anxieties, wants to stop but can’t. Maybe Oswald's crayons hold the answer. 

By allowing Oswald to take control of his anxieties and employ them with purpose, Oswald gains room to breathe and awareness that they need not govern him. 

Master of crayons (aka the illustrator of Oswald Messweather) is Siobhan McVey who's unique style and carefully considered colour palette allow children to absorb the complexity of this condition in a fun relatable way that both she and Dimity hope will buoy and enlighten. And now...you can see for yourself! We present, Oswald Messweather.

Pre-order your copy of Oswald Messweather through Wombat Books. Available mid March 2021.