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Friday 20 November 2020

Review: Brickman's Family Challenge Book

Many families around the world have their own collection of the colourful little bricks known as LEGO.

They're a perfect tool for using and developing creativity and imagination at any age, from young children to adults.

And the best thing is that with LEGO there is no right or wrong.

In Brickman's Family Challenge Book, readers will find plenty of inspiration and information, enough for hours of home-based, intergenerational entertainment.

Brickman is Ryan McNaught, the southern hemisphere's only LEGO Certified Professional, and his team of brick artists.

There are thirty challenges in the book which you can undertake at one of three levels of difficulty (easy, intermediate or difficult). And lots of pro tips are given to help you improve your brick building skills.

The challenges vary from those like creating a maze which can be a marble run, to artistic (LEGO versions of your favourite food), to those with a speed focus (how tall a tower can you build in ten minutes?), or even a musical chairs type of game where you start building a creature and it gets added to by someone else each time the music stops.

Not to mention vehicles and buildings, animated models, and artistic designs (like a 3D self-portrait).

Some challenges are made for solo attempts, while others are appropriate for competing with family and friends, or for working on as a team.

Brickman's Family Challenge Book also includes useful information like the techical names of various LEGO pieces (SNOT stands for Studs Not On Top), and a warm up exercise called speed sorting. Speed sorting involves categorising your LEGO pieces into colours, which also gets your hands and brains ready for creating.

Wanna-be LEGO master builders will love poring through this book. 

Brickman's Family Challenge Book is perfect whether you're looking for a gift, or something for the whole family to do together.

Title: Brickman's Family Challenge Book
Author: Ryan McNaught
Publisher: Murdoch Books, $35
Publication Date: November 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760525941
For ages:  6+
Type: Junior Non-Fiction