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Sunday 29 November 2020

Review: Nightshade

It's twenty years since the first Alex Rider story was published, and Nightshade is the thirteenth Alex Rider book.

In Nightshade, as Alex arrives in England by plane, a retired politician dies.

Soon after, the head of MI6's Special Operations is called to the office of a high ranking government official who has just discovered fifteen year old Alex has worked for MI6. 

She's hauled over the coals and ordered never to use Alex again. 

What follows is an unofficial operation which will see Alex put in the most difficult position he's ever been in. 

Someone from his past resurfaces in a most unusual way, and Alex must grapple with a dangerous new enemy known as Nightshade. 

They have unexpected resources ready to do their nefarious bidding. Alex must uncover their latest target and he’s completely alone.

I won't say much else because I don’t want to spoil the plot, but it involves a secret prison in Gibraltar, kidnapping, a cult, parachutes, and deadly poison.

Bestselling author Anthony Horowitz has created another fast-paced story filled with mind-bending situations which Alex, the teenage spy who would rather be at school, must overcome to save both himself and those around him. 

There is a resolution to Alex's deadly adventure, but Nightshade ends on rather an onimous note, which readers can only hope signals there's another book in the Alex Rider series to follow.

You can watch the official launch of Nightshade on YouTube, with Anthony Horowitz reading an extract, talking about writing and reading, and answering questions. It runs for about one hour.

Download teachers' notes about the Alex Rider series from Anthony Horowitz's website.

Title: Nightshade
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Publisher: Walker Books, $ 16.99
Publication Date: April 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781406395877
For ages: 10+
Type: Young Adult Fiction