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Monday 9 November 2020

Review: Where the Dragons Live

Where the Dragons Live
is the sequel to Rosie and Rasmus.

At last Rasmus can fly. He leaves Rosie behind in the village, and heads to the island of the dragons. He longs to find a place to belong.

Never having met another dragon before, he introduces himself with a smile to the flight of dragons.

But the dragons are large and loud, fiery and fierce. They kick and stomp. Their hostile response doesn’t put him off, even if they are so big and he so small and different in every way.

He watches the older dragons at play and tries to copy them. 

Perhaps he can learn to be like them so they can accept him. He practices to no avail. Can he ever be like them?

Once again he feels alone, sad and angry. He sends a letter to Rosie via pigeon carrier.

Rosie sets out to sail to the island where the dragons live. She is cross at Rasmus for his unfriendly letter. He knows he has some explaining to do. He tells Rosie how the bigger dragons mocked him; how he didn’t fit in.

As we seldom see ourselves as others see us, so Rosie’s image of Rasmus is different to the one he has of himself. She lists all his positive traits. He finds courage in her words.

They play and celebrate. Balloons and kites fill the air and cover the mountain peak. The older dragons watch on. A younger dragon joins their games. Joy and laughter fill the air.

This time when they say goodbye, it is a happy event. Rasmus has learnt the importance of being his true self.

Soft pastel watercolour illustrations follow Rasmus on his quest to belonging. Design and layouts lend an ethereal look.

The main, uplifting theme, stresses the importance of being who are and not changing so others will accept you. An ageless message, which will resonate with children (and adults), who struggle to fit in so change to be accepted. A strong point for discussion about individuality and being authentic.

Title: Where the Dragons Live
Author/Illustrator: Serena Geddes
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, $ 22.99
Publication Date: 1 July 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781481498760
For ages: 4 – 8
Type: Picture Book