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- author Jackie French

Saturday 26 December 2020

Junior Review: When This Bell Rings

Tamsin, an eleven-year-old girl’s lives next door to her favorite children’s author and artist, Edie St Clair, but has always been too self-conscious to start a conversation with her. 

Now Edie St Clair is a week away from completing the last book of Tamsin’s favourite series and the world is holding its breath, waiting for the delightful ending.

But Edie St Clair is stuck on finding the perfect ending. She cannot decide on the proper ending for her characters and requires Tamsin’s help to decide on the perfect resolution. 

But it is difficult when the fans and media are expecting a final battle and not a peaceful compromise. 

Then Tamsin discovers a dreadful secret about herself and her task becomes a lot harder. Read the book for an incredible tale of secrets, stories, art, and mysteries.

I enjoyed this book because of the style and the delightful plot. I have always wanted to be a graphic novel artist like Edie St Clair so it has given me some insight into that life. 

I have also wanted to meet my favourite artists and authors, so I can relate to the protagonist’s intentions and love for the author and books. I also love to draw characters from books much like Tamsin so I could really identify with her as a character. 

All in all Allison Rushby has done an incredible job and succesfully captured my attention.

Title: When This Bell Rings
Author: Allison Rushby
Publisher: Walker Books Australia, $17.99  
Publication Date: September 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760651947
For ages: 9 - 14
Type: Middle Grade Fiction