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Friday 11 December 2020

Review: Ginney and Pinney Learn and Grow: Flight of the Kite; When I Grow Up

Flight of the Kite: A Story about Persistence is part of the Ginnie and Pinney series, an 8-pack slipcase which includes 64 pages of teachers notes and a video with each book. The video can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the back. 

We are initially introduced to Ginnie Giraffe and Pinney ‘Potamus and their animal friends. Each one’s character is described so children immediately recognise that everyone is different but they can all still be friends. 

It is a windy day and Ginnie is anxious and doesn’t want to go outside.

All the friends decide that it is perfect weather for flying kites. She doesn’t want to be left out so reluctantly agrees. They all set about industriously creating their own kite slowly and carefully. Everyone except for Pinney, who wants to finish before the others.

No sooner is his kite in flight that it falls apart from the force of the wind. The impulsive Pinney is disappointed, but is encouraged by Tao to start again; to take his time to make a stronger kite.

The next is too heavy and has no lift.

The third time he is convinced he can make the best kite ever. His kite gets tangled with the other kites, bringing them all crashing down.

There is only one solution. Can Pinney learn to make a kite that flies?

When I grow Up: A Story about Self Identity
is the second book released simultaneously with Flight of the Kite.

Another wintry day. The friends gather together to read adventure stories. This brings on a discussion of what each one wants to become when they grow up. They decide to have a dress-up party and become who they want.

They couldn’t agree on who gets what so Miranda decides to share out the costumes. Ginnie gets a fireman’s outfit. They have a wonderful time until they hear a fire siren.

The fire brigade need Ginnie’s help as she is dressed as a fire fighter. She feels she isn’t brave enough to help anyone. Her height is ideal for hosing water and helping everyone out of the high windows. Ginnie learns she can be brave.

The friends discover they like the role the costumes gave them. Will they change their minds about what they want to be?

This is an award-winning series with animals as characters addressing everyday issues. These books can be used as conversation starters with children to discuss positive social behaviour and emotional well-being.

Title: Ginnie and Pinney Learn and Grow: Flight of the Kite; When I Grow Up
Author: Penny Harris
Illustrator: Winnie Zhou
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing, $ 16.99
Publication Date: 1 October 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781922265760; 9781922265807
For ages: 5+
Type: Picture Books