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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Review: Monty's Island #3: Elvis Eager and the Golden Egg

A storm has swept debris onto the shore on Monty’s Island. Whatever is reusable is collected and loaded onto Monty’s sled for  reuse. The extraordinary find of a golden egg brings with it more than just curiosity.

The egg hatches to reveal a strange and also golden creature that eats the shell and immediately grows bigger with every mouthful.

A stranger arrives, his canoe having been washed up by the storm. Claiming to be an explorer, Elvis Eager is accepted as that by Monty and his friends, Tawny the lion, Sir Wise the owl, Bunchy the elephant, and Clink the one-legged pirate parrot.

Swooping winged creatures appear in the sky and threaten the group. Their shelter beneath the canoe helps them reach Marigold’s café. Elvis recognises them as Giant Red Winged Oragoths.

What are these creatures and why are they on the island? The book that holds these answers meets a tragic end. Another stranger and storm victim, Ranger Katz from the Rare Beasts Division, turns up.

Things lost are found. Questions are answered and the mystery of the golden egg needs to be solved. 

Can the group escape the wrath of the Oragoths? Monty comes up with a brilliant idea and the friends band together to make it work. But will it?

This is the third book in this adventure series by Emily Rodda for younger readers. With four animal characters personified, it makes for a terrific read as they have abilities that the human characters lack. This spices up the plot and adds interest and excitement for the reader.

Not having read the previous two books, it was easy to read this as a stand alone book, for the characters were depicted and named at the beginning, creating recognition for the reader.

Fantastic illustrations by Lucinda Gifford reinforce the text beautifully in a perfect collaboration between two highly talented artists.

Title: Monty's Island #3: Elvis Eager and the Golden Egg
Author: Emily Rodda
Illustrator: Lucinda Gifford
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $14.99
Publication Date: 5 January 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760876999
For ages: 6 – 8
Type: Junior Fiction