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Wednesday 10 February 2021

Review: The Thing That Goes Ping!

The Thing that goes Ping! is a celebration of matching sounds, rhyme, rhythm and colour. Mark Carthew’s clever selection of words provides entertainment, more so when read aloud.

Fun, curiosity and imagination begin from the decorative end pages full of insects and birds for children to identify, and continue with the discovery of Shane McG’s playful creative animal characters parading through the pages. 

Backdrops of country settings – pastures, rolling hills and dams, provide young readers with wonderful images of the outdoors.

In Figgy-tra-ling, there’s a sound of a ping that echoes continuously. Everyone wants to know where it’s coming from. A search begins that turns into an adventure, to identify the origin of the sound.

The people don’t know. They ask the bear over there, the snake in the lake, the hen in the pen and all the other animals of the town. But none can shed light on the mystery.

The horse who owns the tractor loaded with hay knows!

Can he lead the townspeople to the thing that goes ping?

This is a joyous reflection on togetherness, community, friendship and a mystery to be solved together.

Also by Mark Carthew is The Dingle Dangle Forest, The Great Zoo Hullabaloo! and Marvin and Marigold: A Stormy Night.

Title: The Thing That Goes Ping!
Author: Mark Carthew
Illustrator: Shane McG
Publisher: FORD ST , $ 24.95
Publication Date: 1 February 2021 
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781925804652
For ages: 3 – 8
Type: Picture Book