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Sunday 7 March 2021

Review: The Polar Bear in Sydney Harbour

Do you know where polar bears can be found?

They usually live in the Arctic, a place that's super cold and full of ice.

However, The Polar Bear in Sydney Harbour has a different story to tell.

It's the story of Hannah, who lives in Sydney, and one day sees something completely unexpected. A polar bear floating on a small iceberg in the middle of the harbour.

Sydney Harbour is definitely not somewhere you would expect to see a polar bear, but Hannah takes it in her stride.

She asks the polar bear questions and gives him a name. The polar bear, now named Rodney, follows her home.

Hannah tries to make Rodney more comfortable in the hot Sydney weather, learns about polar bears, and soon realises that they don't belong in the city. 

What's just as strange is that Hannah seems to be the only person who notices Rodney. That's until Hannah and Rodney work out how to draw attention to Rodney and his plight and help him return home.

The Polar Bear in Sydney Harbour raises the issue of climate change in a way that cannot be missed. It encourages everyone to take notice and do whatever they can to help. 

Inspired by young climate change protestors and children who feel strongly about the issue, Beck Feiner and  Robin Feiner have created a story that has many layers and an important message.  Each reader may see and hear something different, all of which will prompt discussion and encourage action.

Read The Polar Bear in Sydney Harbour yourself and think about what you will do to help prevent climate change, then do it.

A teaching guide is available to download from the publisher's website.

Title: The Polar Bear in Sydney Harbour
Author/Illustrator: Beck Feiner and Robin Feiner
Publisher: ABC Books, $ 24.99
Publication Date: 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780733339400
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book