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- author Jackie French

Thursday 22 April 2021

Junior Review: Music For Tigers

Louisa’s mum has shipped Louisa halfway across the world to spend her summer holidays with her bizarre Australian Uncle Ruff, who has an uncanny interest in endangered and ‘extinct’ wildlife. 

From the moment she landed in Tasmania, Louisa feels she would have rather stayed home in her hometown, Toronto, California playing her violin for her music audition.

A her experiences in the Talkine rainforests become more mysterious and exhilarating, she learns the importance of nature and the survival of endangered species. She also learns that the supposedly extinct Tasmanian Tigers have interesting taste in music. 

Once she returns home, she will never think of music in the same way again. Join her on her exciting musical journey in the Talkines, with a music-loving Tasmanian Tiger called Ellie; a new friend, Collin who is struggling in school; a wild conservationist Mel and two small devil joeys called Waltz and Matilda. Welcome to Australia.

I enjoyed this book so much. Michelle Kadarusman has captured the essence and detail of the Australian bush in every word and detail of the story. Her magnificent writing makes it easy to imagine the imagery of the Talkine rainforests. Once you start to read her book you can not stop.

I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in music or wildlife, especially endangered and extinct animals such as the Tasmanian Tigers. I was disappointed when I finished the book because I wanted to continue reading about Louisa’s exceptional journey in the Talkine rainforests. I recommend this book for ages 9 and up.

Title: Music for Tigers
Author: Michelle Kadarusman
Illustrator: Rebecca Bender
Publisher: Pajama Press, $34.16
Publication date: March 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9871772781892
For ages: 8 - 14
Type: Junior Fiction