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Monday 12 April 2021

Review: Huda and Me

Huda is one of seven children of a Lebanese-Australian family. When her parents learn that her grandmother in Lebanon is very ill, they depart unexpectedly so Mum can nurse her mother.

Aunt Amel, not actually an aunt but Mum’s friend, agrees to babysit the children in their home during Mum’s absence.

But Amel is one person to Mum, and another to the children. When the parents leave, the children’s lives are turned upside -down. They are now totally controlled by Amel, who takes baby Raheed hostage, to ensure their obedience.

Each is allocated a list of excessive daily tasks, with the twins unable to go to school due to Amel’s demands for baking and cooking. They have no communication with their parents as Amel has hidden the one phone in the house.

The mischievous but resourceful and headstrong Huda, hatches an incredible plan into which she drags her brother Akeal. Steal Amel’s credit card and book tickets online and go to their parents to let them know what is going on.

With the help of the amazing but partially deaf Mr Kostiki next door who is spellbound by the adorable Huda, they pull off the most impossible plan ever hatched. The siblings also come away with stronger family ties than ever.

The story is narrated by Huda’s brother Akeal, who is the total opposite of his younger sister. His point of view of each happening is pessimistic and exaggerated, whilst Huda’s is positive and absolute. This causes some impressive exchanges that are highly entertaining.

How do two children get away with travelling across the world as unaccompanied minors without getting caught?

Non-stop adventures ensue. This brilliant debut novel is plaited into the best read possible using family unity, love and humour from the beginning to end. Amazing characters keep the pages turning. So clever, so funny, you will not stop until it’s finished.

Title: Huda and Me
Author: H. Hyeck
Publisher: Allen & Unwin , $ 14.99
Publication Date: 30 March 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760526023
For ages: 9 – 13
Type: Middle Grade Fiction