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- author Jackie French

Monday 26 April 2021

Review: Rainbow Is My Favourite Colour

As the song goes, ‘Everybody loves a rainbow’. Well this body does and Penny Harrison’s colour-filled picture book, Rainbow Is My Favourite Colour conveys this impression beautifully from cover to cover.

If there is one go-to question that is easiest to ask when getting to know something about someone it’s, ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ You either have one or you, like me, love a rainbow of them. 

The little girl in this story (Bronte) definitely thinks ballerina-twirling-pinks are pretty special. Jelly greens and party swirling purples are pretty cool too. She loves a splat of black as well especially for its ability to hide a Boo! and scare you.

So what’s her favourite colour?

Harrison’s evocative, gently rhyming text introduces young readers to a mixed palette of shades each connecting the reader to the environment or event or other easily recognisable scenario, like building cubby tents in the backyard with your best mate. Evie Barrow’s crayon-textured illustrations provide blends and variations of each of the colours in question; orange for instance is depicted in a colourful confusion of autumnal hued leaves: russets, burnt oranges, melons and deep salmons. Words and images work together to suggest atmosphere and mood; rugged up warm and woolly orange, brave and daring rescue red. Repeated use of the colours’names reinforces colour nomenclature and ensures a meaningful read aloud experience.

Colours promote emotional responses that may be subtle or heart-stopping. As the harbingers of emotion, they have important roles in picture book creation, each hue designed to trigger empathic reaction, sympathy, understanding and that all important page turn. Therefore this book all about colours works on a multitude of levels making it a jolly experience to enjoy but also an excellent conduit for discussions about art, creativity, imagination, and colour related emotions. Experience a little of its rainbow magic, soon.

Oh and Bronte’s favourite colour…well I’m sure you’ll work it out!

Title:  Rainbow Is My Favourite Colour
Author:  Penny Harrison
Illustrator:  Evie Barrow
Publisher:  Little Hare Books, Hardie Grant Children’s
Publication Date:  December 2020
Format:  Hardcover
: 9781760505844
For ages:  3 – 6
Type:  Picture Book