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- author Jackie French

Monday 5 April 2021

Review: Untwisted: The Story of My Life

If you thought you learnt all about Paul Jennings, children’s book writer, through his children’s writing, you will be surprised by the truthful insight into who he really is, with his extraordinary and revealing autobiography, Untwisted: The Story of My Life.

This book will stay with me forever. It is the epitome of resilience, renewal, reinvention and strength of character.

Jennings unashamedly speaks of his life, respecting certain people by not mentioning their names, but being faithful to the episodes his life contains that brought him to who he now is; the situations, personal and professional, he fought hard to overcome or correct.

It is an inspiring book. His struggle with personal relationships and depression, is authentically approached.

His honesty concerning things he actively addressed to change gives hope to hopeless situations. In reading this book, empathy and understanding for each human struggle surfaces.

Everyone has a story to tell. A beautiful and or ugly story of their life’s journey that is unique. It is always special, regardless who the person is, famous, infamous, or an ordinary person that carved an extraordinary life for themselves. And the others that didn’t but lived as best they could with what they had. This message lies between the lines.

This review does not reveal even a small part of the life of Paul Jennings contained in his book – the role of son, father, husband, teacher, writer. This is because the reviewer wishes each reader to experience the glows of beauty appearing throughout the memoir; its writing, the person who wrote it and the way the story is presented. Perhaps, it too, will stay with each reader, for their own special reason.

Title: Untwisted: The Story of My Life
Author: Paul Jennings
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $34.99
Publication Date: 29 September 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760525828
For ages: 15 – 99
Type: Memoir