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Thursday 15 July 2021

Review: Bots and Bods: How Robots and Humans Work

Does a robot really see, hear and sense the way humans do? 

This informative book by author John Andrews is packed with detailed facts, information and illustrations that will answer all your questions.

Every facet of what makes us human is explored and compared to a robot; skin, bones, fingers, touch, hearing, brain, muscles, memory and hearing. 

Discover the differences and similarities of humans versus robot anatomy, the answers may surprise you.

Divided into segments, this book covers body basics, get moving, seeing and sensing, thinking and feeling.

Learn how the sending of signals using a microcontroller with a series of pins that can be programmed to act just like a human brain.

Robots do not necessarily look like us. Often, they are used to perform tasks that we don’t relish like bomb disposal, building cars, welding or painting. One of the most fascinating uses of robots is in hospitals – where they are used in surgery such as repairing hearts with robotic parts.

Another example is the Rover on Mars makes space travel possible, even our mobile phones have artificial intelligence. Robot animals are used in hospitals and in treating disabilities and dementia patients.

Questions appear throughout the book challenging the reader as to how smart they are. Along with detailed illustrations and photos, readers are asked to think about this – different scenarios based on robot/human interactions, discover fantastic facts and experiments which allow you to test your abilities.

The word robot was first used in a play by Czech writer Karel Čapek and translates as forced labour – which when you think about how we use and treat robots, it’s an accurate description.

This book may well inspire budding scientists to create and learn about new robotic innovations. So, what does the future hold – well that is only limited by our imaginations.

Title: Bots and Bods: How Robots and Humans Work, from the Inside Out
Author: John Andrews
Publisher: CSIRO, $27.99
Publication Date: 1 March 2021
Format: Paperback
For ages: 9+
Type: Junior Non Fiction