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- author Jackie French

Saturday 17 July 2021

Review: Prank Lab

This book will blow your mind (perhaps quite literally!).

Exploding with prank potential, this is THE book to get your little loves if they are into whacky science fun. Prank Lab ticks all the boxes.

Let’s start with design.

A beautiful curved edge cover and curved edge paper. Glossy pages with a colour explosion on each. 

Colour coded sections that help divide up each part of the book. Picture based instructions for all the experiments and pranks, helping kids to do it themselves.

All this makes Prank Lab a book to treasure. It’s beautiful to hold, and extremely engaging for kids and adults alike.

Now content.

Oh, wow, there is some cool stuff in this book. There are pranks that are a little on the messy side (so much fun!), classic pranks from way back, pranks that mess with your mind and pranks perfect to place a wager on.

Some of my family’s favourites included ‘edible poop’, where you make fake poop and leave it on the bathroom floor, and ‘your coin my coin’, where you use your mind reading skills to figure out which coin your victim has picked up.

Before each prank starts there's a shopping list to help you prep and a fantastic prank assessment, which tells you who the victim could be, how much mess the prank will make, the danger level, the funny factor and also how much science is involved.

There’s also a ‘warnings to future me’ section that gives you advice for making the prank the best it can be or dealing with potential prank fallout. There are hot tips, pro tips and science facts throughout. And a glossary at the end provides extra help if you need it. Every page is packed full of fun and information.

25 epic pranks, laughs and learning along the way, Prank Lab is brilliance in book form!

Title: Prank Lab
Author: Wade David Fairclough, Chris Ferrie and Byrne Laginestra
Publisher: Source Books, $24.99
Publication Date: June 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781728223742
For ages: 4+
Type: Junior Non-Fiction