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Friday 20 August 2021

Review: Lilah the Lyrebird

We are introduced to Lilah in Jodie McLeod’s previous award-winning book, Leonard the Lyrebird. 

Leonard is a performer who mimics every sound that he hears in the bush.

He meets Lilah; beautiful and strong-minded. A bird that knows what she wants and will wait to get it.

Of all the sounds that Leonard can make, there is one she still longs to hear.

When Leonard saves Lilah from a fox, they become friends forever.

Lilah the Lyrebird continues their life.

They do everything together; work, play and entertain the animals that share the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains that surrounds them.

Now it is Leonard that longs to hear Lilah sing. She refuses, standing by what her mother taught her: save your song to save the day. But she doesn’t know what that means exactly.

Neither does Leonard. He believes time will reveal the mystery, for he knows a reason for everything is not always visible.

He looks around him and sees the mysteries of nature that make up his world. The giant trees and waterfalls, rock structures and mists over valleys. Even his own plumage and ability to sing.

The new sounds that Leonard brings to Lilah impress her. She listens. As they pour from him with such accuracy, she recalls a groaning heard coming from a bunyip cave.

They are warning sounds; sounds of danger!

Lilah acts quickly. She climbs to the highest branch of the nearest tree. Red swirling, curling air reaching upward has filled the sky in the distance. A dark mist travels behind it.

Her mother’s words come to her. Lilah sends out a song to all the animals of the forest.

Echoing through a sequence of famous landmarks scattered over the landscape, birds, animals and other living creatures flock toward her song; the one saved for this moment.

This stunning book is set in the breathtaking Blue Mountains of Australia. The landmarks of the region - monuments created by nature, are accentuated by the use of rhyme and clever alliteration. 

Eloise Short's outstanding artwork makes the region come alive on the page.

Lilah the Lyrebird is a book about rebirth, courage, self-belief and love, coming at a time when the world needs these words.

Title: Lilah the Lyrebird
Author: Jodie McLeod
Illustrator: Eloise Short
Publisher: Jodie McLeod, $24.95
Publication Date: 5 December 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780646824444
For ages: 2 – 8
Type: Picture Book