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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Review: Treasure in the Lake

With the surge of graphic novels for all ages, comes the opportunity for creators and designers to offer a different style of book to children who find reading words difficult, but are drawn to visual narratives.

A five-publisher auction led Allen and Unwin to secure the brilliant, Treasure in the Lake, a debut graphic novel for Jason Pamment.

Iris and Sam, both thirteen, are best friends that share adventures in their spare time. That’s all they share. 

Intelligent and mature, Iris has dreams of seeing something more than the limits of Bugden where she lives. The only thing that will draw anyone there is the giant fish soon to be unveiled in the square.

Sam is an easy-going boy without any specific vision for his future. He is happy tagging along with Iris who spends her time reading at the river and collecting things she finds.

Her application has been accepted at a city boarding school for an education in archaeology. But there is no money to support her. To recover peace of mind, she camps at her reading spot at the river. In the morning, she finds all the water drained away.

It is an opportunity for discovery; treasures to be found. Perhaps something valuable.

Sam comes looking for her and they set out together. He finds fish and a turtle. Iris artefacts. But the two do not stay together. Iris follows the river to discover a lost city in the lake. Sam gets lost and is found by the old Benjamin, who fills him with stories that give him food for thought.

Both undertake a fantastic adventure that will impact their friendship and reveal to each child, how strong and resourceful they are.

Iris uncovers more than artefacts just before the unpredictable flood waters threaten again. 

Can she make her way back through the flowing gushes? How will all she has seen and experienced, influence what she thinks and does  from now on?

A riveting adventure inspired by existing hidden cities underwater all over the world.

This beautifully illustrated book with strong themes, will send interested readers to their computers to discover where other such cities are to be found and the history that surrounds their flooding.

Title: Treasure in the Lake
Author/Illustrator: Jason Pamment
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $16.99
Publication Date:14 September 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978176052 6238
For ages: 8 – 12
Type: Graphic Novel