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Tuesday 5 October 2021

Junior Review: Amari And The Night Brothers

Amari Peters, is a 12-year-old African American girl who attends an elite school where she is often bullied because of where she lives. 

She has never doubted that her missing brother Quinton is still alive. While digging around in his closet, she finds a briefcase. Seemingly normal on the outside, but holds tons of questions on the inside, it contains a nomination for Amari to tryout at the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. 

What is the bureau? It’s a facility where special agents maintain the boundaries between humans and magicians, aliens, and other spectacular creatures. Yeah, you read that right, they exist. 

In order to have a better chance at finding Quinton, she will have to compete against kids who know magic like the back of their hands. If this isn’t hard enough, an evil magician is on the loose and Amari’s supernatural power makes her an enemy to her other classmates.

Author B.B Alston has written a book with so much laughs and fun imagery that its impossible to put the book down . 

Its more than a young girl looking for her brother. The book highlights every day traits of middle schoolers like determination, self – confidence, friendship and fear in a great way. I love how the main character is academically intelligent AND street smart as well . Hope you enjoy this book and wait for the next installment with me !

Title: Amari and The Night Brothers
Author: B B Alston
Publisher: Blazer + Bray , $25.63
Publication Date: January 19, 2021
Format: Hardcover
‎‎ 9780062975164
For ages: 8 -12
Type: Middle Grade Fiction

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